1. The protection of your personal data

We operate within the European law of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which means we meet the highest safety standards and apply the latest technological shield, so that the data you entrusted to us is completely safe. We do not use your data for purposes other than running the account. You have full access to it, have it rectified or deleted. [Read more at Security Policy]

2. We operate within the law

Caring for your safety and the good name of our company, we apply the provisions of Polish and international law, in particular:

  • We are under the supervision of The Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (IGPDP) and we act in accordance with The European Parliament and The European Union Council regulation no. 2016/697 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/WE (General Data Protection Regulation).

  • We are under the supervision of The Inspector General of Financial Information (IGFI) and we act in accordance with ‘The Act on Prevention of Money Laundering Practices and Financing of Terrorism’ of 1 March 2018 [Official Gazette of 2018, item 723].

  • We act in accordance with ‘The Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means’ of 18 July 2002 [Official Gazette No 144, item 1204, as amended].

  • We are listed in National Court Register (NCR).

3. Application of technological shields

we apply the following technological shields:

  • SSL and HTTP certificates – as a result of their application we ensure confidentiality of your data transferred via internet.
  • Security passwords – your passwords are completely encrypted in our data base and nobody knows them, even the staff of Dollarro Ltd. To access your Profile and bank accounts in user’s Panel, you are required to type in the additional password you provided when signing up. It is important to keep your passwords secret from a third party.
  • To guarantee safety of your deposit, it is necessary you set a strong enough password for accessing the service. Therefore, we recommend to apply the following criteria for password setting:

    • The password should differ from the username.
    • The password should not consist of any personal data (e.g. name, surname, social security number, etc.).
    • The password should not be used for other accounts.
    • The password should not be exposed a third party, especially remotely (e.g. via email, telephone).
    • The password should not be stored online, on the computer, mobile, written on an unattended sheet of paper left next to the computer that is used for logging by other users, in a browser (e.g. at an internet café).
    • The password should be changed regularly.
    • The password should:
      • consist of at least 6 characters,
      • contain at least one alphabetic character,
      • contain at least one numeric character,
      • contain at least one of special characters: ! @ #$%^&*()_+-=[]{};’:”,./<>?;
      • be easy to remember for user and hard to figure out by a third party;
      • not contain any repetitions (e.g. 111) or a string of characters predefined by a keyboard layout (e.g. qwert),
      • not contain the dictionary form of word (e.g. cat),
      • not contain logical substitutes for alphabetic characters (e.g. c@t).

  • Short text massage verification – you can make a withdrawal in system solely and exclusively after having the transaction or bank account validated with a single-use short text message code sent to the phone number provided when signing up.

  • Artificial intelligence

4. Your money is safe with us

  • Your money is separated from our operational budget, which means it is not used for the purpose of our business, except the currency exchange.

  • In case of a closure of our business, your money is safe.

  • Our system is as secure as the best online banking systems are.

  • We continuously monitor all the transactions performed through our service.

  • We are supposed to report on any transfer of the value over 15.000 EUR or its equivalent and any other transactions that can be reasonably suspected of money laundering or financing terrorism.

  • We compare your data provided when signing in with the data appearing in a bank transfer.

  • We run safety checks on our system regularly.

  • We can transfer your resources only to a bank account that you have previously defined.

  • You have continuous access to your resources deposited in and you can use it or withdraw it at any time.

  • You can monitor the records of your all performed transactions. Information on your account balance and the transaction records are accessible in user’s panel.

  • We send you an email confirmation of every single transaction you perform through our service.

  • Your resources are held in Dollarro Ltd. bank accounts located at BNP Paribas bank, which is one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

5. What precautions should you take?

we do our utmost to protect your data. However to minimize any risk, you should consider your safety too. For this purpose we have prepared a list of recommendations.

In order to use service in a secure manner and have your data effectively protected:
  • Use antivirus software and keep it updated.
  • Scan your computer and smartphone for viruses.
  • Keep the operating system of your device updated, as well as the applications essential for its proper functioning (e.g. internet browsers).
  • Do not use an unsecured network for performing a transaction.
  • Pay particular attention to the protection and quality of service offered by your internet supplier.
  • Use legitimate software only.
  • Never download any software of unknown origin, since it may contain viruses or malware.
  • Do not open emails and any files attached if they rise your suspicions or are of unknown origin.
  • Avoid clicking links to the websites that promise ‘hot bargains’ or prompt you to watch intriguing content.
  • While logged on to service, do not leave your computer or smartphone unattended.
  • After completing financial transactions through service, log out safely and close the internet browser.
  • Do not write your login or password for service down or make it available to a third party. We recommend you to memorize it. The data is confidential and allows access to your personal data, bank details and records of performed transaction.
  • Remember to change your passwords regularly.
  • Before you log in, verify if the connection to is secure. If an internet address starts with ‘http://’ prefix instead of ‘https://’, it means your data is not encrypted. Therefore it is transmitted through the internet as clear text and it may pose a serious risk to you.
  • Make sure web address typed into the bar of browser is followed by a padlock icon, which means the internet connection is encrypted. Double-click it and verify if displayed certificate is valid and has been issued for

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